Creation of an income stream

Create an income stream(s) that allows to you to choose what you want (freedom and creativity), with the least energetic investment (Initially and ongoing).

To create value, solve a problem that both brings people together and elevates them emotionally, without them raising too many objections to the contrary. 

Cater to human nature, the archetypes (the roles that we play), and niche by providing them with a customizable choice to have it all their way.

People must think that the cost of any investment is greatly surpassed by the value of what you are offering them, and what they are investing in.

Value comes from the meaning people attach to the object (and is mostly subjective), both intrinsically and socially, depending upon the perspective of the individual. 

Products, which are considered commodities (readily available and difficult to position uniquely), occupy competitive spaces that are very challenging to operate within, absent very large Capitol investments. Leverage is required to enter these spaces, as it is when finances are limited.

People do not truly know what they want, they are motivated by how they believe the successful attainment of a goal will make them feel, or by what they think they already know. Therefore the emotions attached to your product, through narrative form (marketing, the story), are exceedingly important.

People are fascinated with those who they consider the most successful in the respective games that they play. 

The most successful person of all of the games we play, would then be considered most successful, therefore associate (attempt to emotionally attach) your product with the most successful and relevant people.

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