Gravitational Human Waves

Scientific Knowledge, no matter how accurate, can never tell us “why”, it can never tell us what we “should” do, only what we “could” do.

It can only describe for us the limits of what is possible, not an objects objective value.

The value that we place upon the objects of our experience, determines what we value, and therefore how we each behave relative to the objects of our world. 

Religion assumes the place of value determination for us all, either an organized form, or one of our own creation.

When we place the wrong value upon the objects of our experience, through our own learned experiential construct of reality, we err.

When we err, it is due our own lack of awareness of what truly is, not our lack of effort that derails us.

We are all information scavengers at our most fundamental level, assigning meaning (value) to things and objects, providing us with motivations to act and a construct for acceptable social behavior.

When we assign meaning wrongly, and continue to do so despite the negative consequences that we experience as a result, we tend to justify our resultant behaviors forming a hard personal rule, or a wall.

When we take the permanent posture of creating walls, and not fine tuning our beliefs from our experiences (learning), we err greatly!

What we think is true, becomes true to us, whether or not it is really true.

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