Temptations or Inspirations

Beauty, youth, glory, power, control and the other psychically fueled passions and self-deceptions, at first provide us with a false sense of temporal security and confidence.

But along the way, as a result of actually engaging in and feeling our experiences, their motivating energies provide us with a set of instructions for constructing our own ever expanding mirror, revealing ourself to us.

And although it be the most frightening of all monsters peering back at us, with courage, perseverance and commitment, our mirror reveals to us those parts of ourselves that can never truly be hidden.

With our own jealously fought for and won faith, and with enough love, we can come to truly know what lurks in the shadows and unwittingly torments us from within, as they are the very parts of us which we must express to become us, as surely as the air that we breath must be drawn into our souls to light the fire that gives us life and keeps us truly living.

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