When we’ve lost sight of what lies within, we must put our faith in something that lies without

We all must serve something beyond ourselves; the devil or the law, chaos or order, our hearts or our minds, but we all must serve.”


A primarily objective worldview, is by definition also a narrow superficial worldview, and as such confines the subject to a restricted understanding of themselves, limits ones comprehension of their experiences, and ultimately diminishes the meaning and the very value of ones internal feelings associated with their own experiences. 

A narrowed, convergent, compliant and easily predictable individual and populace is produced in such ways.

Inductive reasoning and confirmation bias are all that are required to supply those with a primarily objective and externalized worldview, with certainty enough to function securely in their own tightly controlled internal and externally designed and constructed environment(s).

Eventually ones natural subjective intuitive perspective is replaced by a lesser adopted externally focused objective one, and is often labeled with such concepts as growth and maturity, by those who succumb to the pressures to adapt and survive in a world that is now unwittingly set against ones own nature.

Stress, disease, addiction, unworthiness, separation and destruction are all the result of such seemingly innocent choices, or shrugs.

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