Sell Swords, Knights and Hero’s

Sell Swords (The Highest Bidder) trade their time and efforts in exchange for rewards that they think they need to adequately function within the confines of their particular environment, although it is not necessarily consistent with what the Sell Sword professes to believe in to those within their particular group.

This mechanism leads to a stress and internal inconsistency that often leads to unpredictable and unintended consequences for the Sell Sword. 

In order to alleviate, or at least to minimize, the unpleasant feelings associated with the unintended stresses of ones internal inconsistencies, relative to their external power acquisition strategies, a Sell Sword must artificially attempt to balance their conflicting internal feelings set against their perceived external needs. 

This is acheieved through additional external energy procuring strategies, that provide the Sell Sword with alternative channel(s) through which to neutralize their unhealthy and dangerous psychic energy imbalances. 

This is also part of ones natural psychic venting mechanism, that is intended to calm their internal inconsistencies and consequent brain chatter that tacitly conspires to derail the Sell Sword from functioning adequately within their external environment(s).

Consequently their allegiance to the group is contingent upon them receiving the rewards that they feel they need in order to continue to be in relationship with others and groups.

They believe that power (the energy gains and investments made by an individual to comfortably interact, communicate, and work with one or more people) flows in the direction from the environment to the Sell Sword, and in such a way motivates the Sell Swords to align themselves with people and organizations that will provide them with sufficient rewards in order to gratify their perceived preferences and needs, and to continue the association. 

The peculiar motivation of an individual to place their psychic needs outside of themselves and onto their environment, is a consequence of the immense gravity felt by the individual to conform with the groups, that shaped their foundational experiences. 

This mentality is consistent with, and a direct consequence of, the desires of the current ruling classes (controlling, influencing), and is the best indicator of the current success of the group(s) that most powerfully influence and/or control its’ adherents, intended or otherwise.

A Sell Sword’s motivational energies, power, beliefs, overall perspective, values and behaviors, are all powerfully influenced by the hand that feeds them (the external direction from which their power flows), and if this mentality becomes the dominant one in ones life, this phenomenon forces the individual towards superficial interests and behaviors and away from their natural inborn tendencies and gifts. 

Ones environment primarily shapes a Sell Sword’s global perspective and consequent behaviors, and consequently they cannot shape their environment deliberately, but only unwittingly, supporting a more tenuous relationship with ther environment and fostering a personal identity that is primarily dependent upon the perception of ones external circumstances.

A Sell Swords Perspective then, centers around their own personal gain, relative to and above those that they work and interact with, and their awareness is centered around events, people and objects that provide them with their needs from outside of themselves.

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