Language made possible the accumulation and communication of knowledge; it was language that permitted the formulation of ideas and the codification of laws. 

It was language that turned us into human beings and created civilization

*We created our own code for programming ourselves (and by default social norms), but we created neither ourselves nor the environment(s) we live in and interact with.

*Language allowed us to share our intellect with others (to communicate and distribute), through agreed upon definitions and meanings of symbols, and the relationships between them.

A Language is a code, a particular way of structuring, representing and employing our intellect in order that we may accurately apprehend our existence and to aid us in coping with, adapting to, and surviving in the particular environments in which live.

As a result, language, fosters our ability to pass on and redistribute any knowledge and wisdom that we may accumulate, in order to assist our progeny in their life experiences, and so on.

A Language is a virtual philosophy, and through its particular coding processes, our conceptions of both our inner and outer reality, are given a particular flavor, angle or perspective that is unique to the language itself, resulting in a powerful influence on the individuals who employ any particular language(s). 

Ones worldview is initially most influenced by the particular language(s) that they employed to construct their understanding of reality.

Languages are works of genius, and were created by people as stupid as ourselves, Therefore to believe in the existence, within ourselves, of a higher source of intelligence than the conscious self, seems a coherent and sound conclusion.

Like the code that is the source of the programming that allows computers to compute, as the programmer intended, language, as it relates to human cognitive processes, is one of the primary facts of human existence. 

Although language admits us into a conceptual world of ideas, through its gift of contextualized thinking and the knowledge it may provide us, it does so only at a price – the conceptual world of doctrines, ideologies and beliefs, that as a result of a language system, are both thrust upon us from others, and bubble out of our own imaginations and thoughts.

A world where delusions and created realities keep popping up over the horizon: where all kinds of poison came pouring out from the propaganda factories of religion, politics and commerce.

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