Limiting Ideologies

Limiting Ideologies, whose adherents have solidified around a centralized theme, created in order to reinforce the groups mutually beneficial protective status (endowed by a collectively shared belief system, and the resultant governing bylaws and rules that outline the limits of acceptable action of its constituents), cannot effectively; adapt to changing environmental conditions adequately to benefit either the society in which it operates and serves, intrinsically benefit the individual members who constitute the group, or promote the betterment of the collective for who they presumptively function. 

Absent such an assumed ideological arrangement, an indivudal member of such a group must either adopt a new ideology, be forced to create their own, or suffer the requisite existential labor of looking within for an integrated self-affirming motivation (which is highly unlikely, as the real benefit that such groups provide their constituents, is the conditional allotment of external power to its members through the strength of its collective influence, bargaining power and the beneficial workings of its hierarchical structure).

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