My Boy

On May 20th 1998, a soul entered my life that I have been beyond blessed to know, love and care for, my son Luke. From the very beginning I’ve felt an unspoken but palpable connection with Luke that is unlike any other of my relationships. Perhaps this is a natural feeling a father feels for his male progeny, but I think it is something more than that. Like myself, Luke “marches to the beat of his own drummer”, a quality that has always drawn me to and endeared me to my boy. 

Early in his life Luke experienced a noticeable regression in his cognitive development, as we observed in his speech and language. His mother and I, being quite concerned, sought out an endless stream of clinicians and healers who all attempted to put their finger on, and treat, his apparent affliction. In the end, after several years of our attempted interventions, his mother and I were mostly left to sort out for ourselves how to support and guide our boy.

From this experience, I saw very clearly how we as a society, not only seek out answers for the certainty that we believe it will provide us, but we too yearn for and by “hook or crook” find reasons to explain that which we do not understand; even if that which we seek to understand cannot be understood through the conventions of reason and rationality. 

To quell our own fears and our culturally reinforced insecurities, labels, like some delimiting incantation, are assigned to those who we cannot identify with or comprehend. This has always caused considerable pain for me personally, but I cannot imagine what my boy himself has experienced on his personal journey. 

Through subsequent life experiences, Luke has been more fully revealed to me, a brilliant, empathetic, loving and singularly wonderful person. Luke graduates from high school today and I suppose a father could be more proud of his son than I am of Luke, but I could not possibly imagine how that would be possible!

I love you Luke!

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