“Denile”, it ain’t just a river in…….

The downside of an unchecked conscious and unconscious constellated psyche: denying the existence of and need for the opposites as a fundamental aspect of sentient life:

Nature attempts to compensate (adapt), for the problems man creates as a result of his unnatural ego fueled ambitions, that he so often unwittingly manifests against her; although nature on its own continues to function just as it always does relative to the ever changing environmental conditions that life finds itself regularly confronting.

With respect to mans psyche, through the expediency of conforming to the values of his crowd, motivated by his collective belief that some future promise of reward will supply him with what he believes he currently lacks, he adopts a disdain for the unknown (that which is unconscious or what he is unaware of), even though the unfolding experiences of the unknown itself is the very instinctual mechanism in which he himself gathers meaning, value and intrinsic motivations.

As a result, the very unknown that man so energeticaly attempts to escape from, and in fact deny the existence of, his unconscious (his unknown), without his own conscious awareness, transforms his focus (attention) onto only recognizing the existence of those phenomena that can be consciously grasped through his senses and subsequently rationalized (explained) through his recent adaptation of reason and the physically based objectively verifiable logic that it requires, so he might effectively communicate his acceptability to others (value), thus denying his own nature and setting it against his own oft consciously professed intentions.

As a result of this transformation, mans unconscious mind, necessarily assumes control of his conscious mind, thereby directing it to now employ artificially contrived techniques in an attempt to fend off any future possibility of his experiencing and feeling discordant emotions that may emerge from any subsequent unfamiliar or unknown experiences.

In this way man binds himself to a superficial, unaware and largely unsatifying existence without knowing he has done so.


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