The City of Tomorrow (Excerpt): Update

2048 was the year that would change the history of history. The long heralded and anxiously anticipated “next step in human evolution” literally loomed over the masses as “iClouds” cast their dampening shadows down upon the very citizens who would soon reap the benefits of Apples new universal unified data base, “iKnow”. 

Apples new “iBrain” promised its users instant thought initiated access to all of the public information that has ever existed, and continually updated in real time. One must only think of anything, and with almost no lag and a pleasant confirmatory beep, an answer would be provided them from above. No longer must one rudimentarily search the information superhighway by typing, speaking or even thinking near an appropriate apparatus, as Apple nanobots could now link ones prefrontal cortex directly to the source of all information.

Since the introduction of traditional thought directed computers, 10 years earlier, it was a commonly held idea that one day Science would necessarily provide mankind with an easier solution to his ever expanding information needs, free of the restrictions or limitations of any associated hardware interaction. 

Apple, the masters of intuitive device interaction, had somehow unearthed the key to the blending of man and machine, and nearly everyone was onboard and scheduled for their “nanobot merging procedure”, set for July 4th, 2048, the newly envisioned Independence Day. 

Perhaps the most attractive part of iBrain was that its nanobots and usage were entirely free of charge. The egalitarian idea that all would have access to the same information and technology, with no discrimination between “the haves” and “the have nots”, was an easy sell to all but the most polarized ideologue. Few politicians, Intellectual’s or clergy, who opined against the potential perils of Apples new invention, gained much traction with their esoteric or religionistic protestations. 

Since the news of iBrain’s wonders and impending release, one year earlier, Apple and the federal government had deftly, yet aggressively, inundated the worlds populace with more safety and technological information than the most ardent late adopter could possibly long for. The idea that one would be granted instant access to knowledge of a Newton, the wit of a Twain or the poetic prose of a Shakespeare, caused many to envision a world of complete equanimity, through intellectual equality. 

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