A Trialectic Perspective

Through our increasingly accurate recognition of the objects, structures, functions, interactions, transformations, etc., that fundamentally comprise and systematically constitute our universe (throughout natures’ manifold emergent, interactive and systematized transformations, all under the compulsory influence of the infinitude of interactions between the products of space-time and mass-energy); we, as a result, expand our awareness and understanding of nature, its contents, it’s relations, it’s processes, it’s interactions, its events, it’s transformations, etc., thus bequeathing our species the potential to adapt or destroy ourselves in response to ever changing environmental conditions, both within and without.

It is only knowledge of any missing structural components that limits us theoretically, and the necessity of an uninhibited psyche-logical openness and flexibility of our existing structures, within and without, that prevents us from expanding our overall awareness and expression practically in the realms of nature.

Any particular manifestation, or outcome, ultimately rests on the functional dynamics of the interplay between our theoretical structural understanding (context) and our ability to recognize and act in accordance within our known and ever-expanding structural conception of the universe, practically in daily life, that determines the character, meaning and impact of our individual interactions and experiences.

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