Tuning (foreword excerpt)

Our Environment, Nature, the Fundamental Dimension (Space-Time-Mass-Energy, STEM) like a slice of a CT Scan or a photographic snapshot, the eternal now is as an ever-changing focal point where our environment is blended with the unspeakable, spacetime and massenergy with our nervous system, resulting in a unique manifestation of our own human conscious experience. 

This is the primary phenomenon, the ignition point of the consciousness of observers interacting with STEM, it is the point, the calculus, where the curved and the chaotic blends with the linear and the ordered, naturally providing us the intellectual (psycho-logical) structure we require to adapt, predict and thrive within the myriad of interlacing dynamic processes that we are shrouded in and an integral part of.

The transitory moment through which we interface with reality, like a photograph, provides a relatively two dimensional physical perspective which our neurological apparatus has evolved to automatically sense, process, perceive, conceive, contextualize and respond to in such a way to provide us an advantage over the less aware and the more dangerous, with which we share and depend on in our environment.

The Human Nervous System, the structure and resultant natural pattern recognition functions of our currently evolved nervous systems provides us with the most advantageous evolutionary adaptive characteristics known, as evidenced by the knowledge gleaned and the achievements made over the full spatialtemporal range of human activity and endeavor, relative to STEM, no matter any particular evaluation or judgement of others behavior or negatively construed consequences one may assert to the contrary.

Through all of our uniquely formative and consciously unaware experiences of our childhood (and continuing into adulthood for the many); untold numbers of poorly evaluated associations, relations, meanings and conclusions are incorrectly deduced and attached to the objects and events of our experiences.  

Our human nervous system has evolved over many many millennia and is primarily concerned with the function of aligning the structure of itself with that of the ever-changing environments it interacts with, is subject to and is an integral part of (accurate information gathering and pattern recognition intended for adapting to and predicting potential outcomes for enhanced chances and experiences of survival). 

It must also function (somewhat artificially) relative to civilizations’ fundamental requirements for the uniformity of its constituents generalized behavior for its own ongoing survival, a phenomenon which has ultimately resulted in a generalized de-tuning of the evaluating apparatus that we all have been naturally endowed with. 

Misaligned and incongruent neurological associations develop, not naturally and in tune with the structure and functioning of our anciently evolved nervous system relative to our environment, but are powerfully influenced and directed from a cultural perspective, and subsequently continually reinforced unconsciously through habitualized behavior and language patterns that we reactively employ in response to the essential and primary demands of a successfully functioning, advancing, productive and safe society. 

As scientific discoveries have continued to advance at an advancing rate, the myriad of technologies that are successively introduced, act in such a way to provide us essentially more and more extensions of our nervous systems. We effectively harness new modalities for acquiring more subtle levels of knowledge assumptively intended to expand our experiences and the reach of our care and ambition. 

While these ‘advancements’ can potentially enhance our awareness and the quality of our life experiences, an equalizing, yet antithetical measure of technologies and novel modalities are also required to offset the ever-growing internal psychic imbalances which also continually expand and spring up (in varying levels in varying individuals) in opposition to the ever-conforming force needed to maintain the certainties and comforts that civilization (and particular cultures, societies, affiliations, groups, etc.) promises, and is depended upon, to afford its members.