The Master and His Emissary, my Take

The Left Cerebral Hemisphere (LH, the language dominant hemisphere), can be viewed as a child that mimics the roles it is assigned, or through its sharply focused observations, is drawn into itself, but on its own, continually lacks the required affective attentional access to the Right Hemisphere’s (RH) primary processes of experience (way of ‘Being’); which are essentially concerned with ‘Care’, is nonverbal, instinctual, socially reinforcing, relationally aware, empathic, sensually rich and highly integrated spatial-temporal imagistic and intuitive perceptions; producing highly contextualized knowledge, memories, evaluation and insights.  

Thus ‘presenting’ to the mind an immediate and holistic understanding of wherever it places its attention, nonverbally, and without the requirement of decontextualizing analytical thought, providing the individual human being with ‘values’ grounded in reality and a practical and meaningful apprehension of the whole.

The LH processes the information gleaned from its highly focused window of attention (like a microscope or telescope) recursively, and is essentially concerned with the usefulness of things, ‘Utility’, habituates the thoughts and behaviors required to implement the global demands of one’s ‘total being’, as apprehended and processed by the RH, in its primary processes of discerning the salient and cohesively interrelational aspects of ‘being’.

The RH subsequently depending upon the LH to implement the behaviors required (forming neurologically hard-wired circuits) for the automated volitional acts it deems consistent with its ‘being’ and its relationships as a whole to everything it is aware of, allows the RH to extend its attentional processes onto an ever-expanding and interrelated world of ‘care’; relationships, value and meaning, as they relate to ones ‘being’.

The Attentional Awareness required to ‘see’ objects and reality as they actually are, a fundamentally interconnected interplay of an untold number of dynamically emergent processes, all necessarily related to and dependent upon each other for existence and expression, continually changing and transforming into and out of multitudinous re-configurations, requires the capacity to intuitively recognize patterns of experience from a whole interconnected view first and foremost, in the processing of experience in the RH.

One’s orientation with reality must be natural and actually ‘present’, not only ‘re-presented’ to the RH by the LH, the actual image of the whole must be considered first, before any experience can be ‘re-presented’ by the narrowly focused attentional processes of the LH.

The information that the LH ‘unfolds’, and subsequently presents to the RH, in this way, can be accurately placed in the context of the whole, allowing for the largely automatic and effective perspectival evaluation of experience, extensionally broadening the minds global view and improving the individual’s ability to recognize, and extend, similar and new experiences going forward. This then is the natural process of psycho-logical human growth, as predetermined by the processes and functioning of our currently evolved human neurological processes.

According to the eminent neuropsychiatrist and Oxford Fellow, Iain Mcgilchrist, the primacy of the right hemisphere, a requirement of the processes of our nervous systems structural functional configuration, has recently been, from a cultural perspective, effectively sacrificed, in deference to the narrow wants and fascinations that the child, now believing it is the master and ‘seer’ of the whole, clings to for its own power and a contrived appearance of certainty, control and survival, as the LH’s primary function in isolation from the RH, is to procure its own power and to utilize the objects of its environment to maintain such power.

16 thoughts on “The Master and His Emissary, my Take”

  1. Hi Anthony, you’re the only person I found online that seems to be familiar with Gregory Mitchell’s work outside of the people at mind-development. How were you exposed to his writings?


      1. Interesting. I was thinking of purchasing the courses but couldn’t find any testimonials online. Would you say that the courses helped you internalize post-formal operations and progress toward metaversion? If so, have you noticed any major objective or subjective cognitive benefits?


      2. I wouldn’t say that the courses advanced my growth personally. I liked the thinking and the courses. I recommended the courses to my young adult children, after I’d done them.


      3. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m just trying to assess the value of these courses. If the courses did not advance your growth, why did you recommend them to your children? Do you think their own personal growth may be advanced by exposure to the material? If so, in what way? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions by the way. Feel free to email me if you rather not post your opinions and thoughts about this publicly.


  2. I misspoke, every deliberate learning experience leads to growth in some way. I try to find things that can aid my kids in their critical thinking abilities and I believe this type of material helps. I’m specifically thinking of some of the activities in the learning material.

    For me, the reading material on the site and reinforced in the workbook, is foundational in many ways. I’d recommend it to everyone.


  3. Thanks for the reply! They seem to suggest that IQ (or what it’s theoretically supposed to measure) can be raised by following their program. Do you agree with this premise? Do they use techniques similar to dual-n-back and/or image streaming to achieve this, or do they have their own unrelated mental exercises that they recommend?


    1. I think intelligence can be trapped (and wither) psychically and thereby effectively lowered by the blockage of unintegrated contents of the psyche, as suggested in the readings.


  4. Very interesting. That seems to be a common theme with several thinkers, including Jim Diamond, and possibly LRH. Without divulging too much about the mind-development methods, can you give me a general idea as to what activities they recommend to help unblock the psyche and free one’s intellligence?

    I mentioned a more mainstream exercise (dual n-back) which seems like a popular yet unlikely choice in this situation. The purported mechanisms and benefits of Win Wenger’s image streaming seem more congruous with this premise though. Do they use anything similar to image streaming? I can provide a link that explains what the exercise entails.

    If not, how do they go about achieving this unblockage? Again, broad strokes are fine.



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