William Blake: ” There is no Natural Religion” paraphrase

If it were not for the prophetic, the poetic, the metaphoric; the philosophic, the scientific, and the countable could only be represented through the restricted lens of an intensional evaluation apparatus.

That which we already “know” being regurgitated and abstracted over and over again, and that which cannot be easily processed, cast off forever into the realms of the unknowable.

In this way we unwittingly sacrifice our own depth, our content, our vision, the context required to interrelate and see the whole of experience in the present, as we experience it. 

Our vision, no longer broad, must necessarily be contrived, adapted or adopted from without (or reconstructed from the small decontextualized view within us) as we can no longer trust, value nor fully utilize our own natural internal processes of evaluation.

As a consequence, we now must content ourselves with a partial/false sense of certainty and security, to guide us, and depend upon going forward.

Our sacrifice carries with it, an inability to see and operate beyond the limits of that which we already know, thereby forcing the new and the unknowable out of our minds attentional awareness and into the realms of the unknowable, “the magical”, something now to be feared and deferred to. 

Consequently our unconscious realms inflate and grow chaotically, as our awareness and attention becomes fixated upon our “need” for the security that our world now must provide us, and though we may cling to any number of confirming ideologies in an attempt to bolster our spirit, we must now wither spiritually.