The Right Hemisphere Trumped!

Having poured over the latest research and work since Roger Sperrys seminal Nobel Prize winning work icluding Gazzinga, Bolte-Taylor, McGilchrist, Wright, and many others, the concensus seems to be pretty overwhelming that we are living in a world which is under the controlling grip of our collective left hemisphere. Is it any wonder that a man like Donald Trump is our president?

Left Hemisphere: “Hall of Mirrors”: egoistic, self-referring, recursive, iterative, the neurotransmitter dopamine reinforces behaviors through conditioning leading to unconscious habitual neural circuitry and the resulting confabulations, delusions, internal conflicts, lack of perspective, lack of understanding, lack of empathy, lack of compassion and the internalization of externally adopted ideologies unwittingly.

Requires externally adopted ideologies as no coherent context can be established absent the richly contextualized input of the perceptually synthesizing circuitry of the right hemispheres architecture (which often supports the left hemisphere without its knowledge, as the right hemisphere is experienced as disconnected subconscious manifestations, dreams, visions, the voice of God, etc. by the left hemisphere)

Psychological Attitude: BF Skinner, Pavlov, Bernays and other mechanists and behavioralists, animalistic.

Either/Or Attitudinal Way of Being/Attending Apparatus: utilitarian, analytical, hierarchical, reductionistic/constructionist, non-contextual, control, competitive, authoritarian, litigious, rule-bound, conformed, compliant, selfish, sees itself in the world, projections, denial, over reliance on rationality (which is applied wrongly when used),etc.

Appearances are all important yet hidden through rationalizations and justifications leading to behaviors that confirm its biases, loss of curiosity, not wanting to know or discern for self, prefers institutions that provides pre-established rules for living and appropriate normalized rules for behavior and what is externally expected of them; needs explicit outlines to act, isolated definitions and facts trump their unifying context, meanings and hence value (values); perfectionistic (believes life can be perfect if one only follows the perfect prescribed way of doing things, those who do not make similar choices make “bad choices”).

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