A thought on the state of things….

Intellectual maturation is characterized by ones ability to process, and indeed to seek out knowledge whose most unwanted byproduct conjures up feelings of doubt inducing an anxiety in ones current beliefs, weakening the comforting and conforming notion of ideological certitude. Operating in such a way is the realm of the adults, earned only through experience, effort and an aware openness to nuance.

A posture becoming more and more foreign to an increasingly growing number of disparate, but in practice very similar tribes, unconsciously possessed by a spirit of resentment of the expanding “other”. 

Each group grasping for an elusive kind power detached from competency and dependent upon force, not understanding or skill, to maintain its grasp on what it believes to be the levers of control.

Our era, now bathed in the spirit of a kind of blindness, a possessed and autonomous collective unconsciousness of our own making. The fruit of our apparent success, a fruit which we are both addicted and conformed to without the slightest understanding of its existence or where it may be leading us.

Activism by those informed and operating in this realm, admittingly an ever dwindling number, and by those on the path towards becoming adult, is where we must focus our energies.

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