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Oue Enfeeblement

A revelation I’ve heard recently from the comedic genius Jerry Seinfeld lately, the baby boomers were the first generation that grew up with an actually protected childhood. Since then we’ve all become a tad more enfeebled until we’ve inadvertently birthed our most enfeebled generation, the millennials and the snowflakes that they’ve they produced. It’s kinda hard to imagine these types to be adaptable to valuable culture.

What Neurosis Really Is

Neurosis, is the result of the replacement of ones own naturally developing psychic relationship between themselves and others with a “culturally socialized” one; the shock of which instills in the individual internal psychic imbalances that manifest as forceful unconscious proclivities, motivations and behaviors (strategies for wish fulfillment unconsciously inspired to rebalance and relax the psyche). 

The ego, then, is merely the sum total of anxiety reducing defense mechanisms that automatically develop in order to energetically stabilize ones psyche from any external threats to ones conformed identity. 

As we all must garner psychic energy (power through ego validation) from interacting with others socially, the importance of gaining for oneself sufficient power to motor ones day-to-day actions successfully in social intercourse, is vital.

Once such imbalances are brought into equilibrium (as opposed to unchecked ego anxiety control attempts) through the experiences associated with clarifying ones own attentional perspective, allowing for the reemergence of ones own intuitive pattern recognition system and the revelations that stem from perceiving experiential structure and their relationships naturally (pre-socialized), the related neuroses and their unconsciously powered motivations, subside.

Growth ala Ernest Becker

“We can understand, then, that growth, the getting over ones implanted formative neurosis, is not a matter of simple reflection about his early family life, or even bringing to consciousness some of the most distasteful events of his childhood, or least of all a hard, rational scrutiny of ones motives.

It is, as the Stoics and Shakespeare have already taught us, is the going through hell of a lonely and racking rebirth where one throws off the lendings of culture, the costumes that fit us for life’s roles, the masks and panoplies of our standardized heroisms, to stand alone and nude facing the howling elements as oneself-a trembling animal element.”

-Ernest Becker

We have Trump because we are Trump

The egos need “to be right over others”, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary (egos repel an open and dynamic contextual awareness and understanding in favor of the polarizing emotions that are embedded in adopted and conforming ideologies), is the major stumbling block to all human social problems and is best illustrated by our increasing inundation of “ego based” Reality TV Shows and most “perfectly” actualized in the ineffectual rantings of the perfectionism (a most common trap of the ego) of “The Donald”!

As a result of the effects on we humans by our social conformity, identity culture and an ever emerging inability to respond with a sufficient level of understanding, we no longer understand the basic form, function and relations of things within or without, and have unwittingly sacrificed our ability to discern intuitively in the moment (naturally pragmatic) for the barrenness of ideological judgment, group think, addiction, distraction, unawareness and routine. 

Socially accepted generalizations and effortless “participation trophy” thinking, intended to make everyone artificially feel powerful, has propelled us into the perfect place for Artificial Intelligence, and other “convenience technologies” to take over our thinking and life management for us. 

We have Trump because we are Trump

Fictional Narratives and Culture

The invention and societal adoption of commonly spoken languages and in particular the unique human ability to concoct fictional narratives, that language, in concert with the neural processes of our left hemispheres speech center endows us with, when consistently enough applied, socially structures the dissemination of information from person to person through everyday interactions and gossip; affords we humans with an efficient strategy for large groups of disparate people’s to effectively enough cooperate via a currency of a tentatively structured trust hovering around shared culturally generated beliefs.

*Fictional Narratives: the ability to abstract and thus believe in things unseen and unseeable through which theoretical conceptions (ideas) are transferred to and through the masses, via effective and consistently applied communicative metaphor and propaganda.

Such trust then, is implicitly granted to the balance of westernized civilizations’ masses via this mechanism that substantiates the validity of the continued confidence in the shared meaning and shared value of such shared beliefs.

Beliefs, themselves, originating from any number of culturally reinforced stories and the inventions they inspire and buttress (money, rights, traditions, religions, institutions, etc,.) result in a fictionally bonded, yet socially effective web of socially interacting groups.

In this way, through the cultural mechanisms that arise as a result of our unique ability to fictionally abstract ideas, common beliefs of reality are established which in effect structures an intersubjective reality for the beneficial workings of the evolving social order.

Because civilizations are always initially structured internally, through the ideas and the subsequent narratives fashioned around them by the originators and contributors of any culture, and relative to the actual structure and functioning of our human neural apparatus, the many roles that individuals play within said culture tend to become confused with the individuals sense of self and purpose by the ongoing conforming experiences of the culture itself.

Ultimately, through the practice of standardized educational practices and the condition of socially rewarding individuals to emulate cultural norms (and correspondingly punishing those who fail to comply sufficiently), such an individuals’ understanding of themselves, relative to the beliefs and demands of operating within their culture, produces a tension, a psychically palpable polarity, stemming from the internal disparity felt as a result of our nomadic hunter-gatherer evolved DNA (evolve over millennia) and its resultant biologically supported physical apparatus (our bodies) relative to the seemingly  arbitrary physical and far removed psychic activities that seem to busy us incessantly.

The individual day-to-day psychic demands of effectively functioning within a given culture, is the social basis of ego formation in the first place, and hence the major contributor to resulting neuroses, stresses, and the generalized discontent felt by the many.

As described so deftly by Carl Jung and the underlying motivation for the development of the psychic therapeutic practices of Eastern spiritual disciplines, such as Taoism and various forms of Buddhism and the like, there do exist techniques that can help enlighten individuals to their own cultural conformities, personal blind spots and deluding beliefs that unwittingly bind the plurality to their roles in deference to their souls, leading to unactualized lives, personal overwhelm and cultural dissolution.