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Oue Enfeeblement

A revelation I’ve heard recently from the comedic genius Jerry Seinfeld lately, the baby boomers were the first generation that grew up with an actually protected childhood. Since then we’ve all become a tad more enfeebled until we’ve inadvertently birthed our most enfeebled generation, the millennials and the snowflakes that they’ve they produced. It’s kinda hard to imagine these types to be adaptable to valuable culture.

Our Mental Age

Three years ago psychology Professor Lewis M. Terman came to the conclusion that the average mental age of adults is approximately 16 years. Camille Paglia and Jordan Peterson, two of today’s most noted intellectuals put it around 14 years.

I agree, I just think it’s a bit lower nowadays😉

Our Extreme Moral Crisis and War

The conditions that give rise to currency wars are too much debt and too little growth.

World Wide we have the highest debt of all time on every measure and we’ve not had real wage growth for decades. People have for the most part given up hope for doing better than their parents.

Currency wars, attempts at gaining a temporary advantage over other currencies by attracting financial investment, are zero sum games and lead to Trade Wars.
Been going on for years

Trade Wars, attempts at gaining a temporary advantage over other countries financially, through tariffs and such, are zero sum games and lead to Shooting Wars.
Nationalism, Protectionism, Parties over Nations, Polarized Ideologies, Populism, an extreme Moral Crisis!

Shooting Wars, like those that killed hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century, will be much worse next time and seem inevitable.
The major powers are all increasing the size of their nuclear arsenals and capabilities…..

And even with all of the resources and information available at the touch of our fingers, critical thinking, freedom of speech and civility are vanishing before our eyes! 

What Neurosis Really Is

Neurosis, is the result of the replacement of ones own naturally developing psychic relationship between themselves and others with a “culturally socialized” one; the shock of which instills in the individual internal psychic imbalances that manifest as forceful unconscious proclivities, motivations and behaviors (strategies for wish fulfillment unconsciously inspired to rebalance and relax the psyche). 

The ego, then, is merely the sum total of anxiety reducing defense mechanisms that automatically develop in order to energetically stabilize ones psyche from any external threats to ones conformed identity. 

As we all must garner psychic energy (power through ego validation) from interacting with others socially, the importance of gaining for oneself sufficient power to motor ones day-to-day actions successfully in social intercourse, is vital.

Once such imbalances are brought into equilibrium (as opposed to unchecked ego anxiety control attempts) through the experiences associated with clarifying ones own attentional perspective, allowing for the reemergence of ones own intuitive pattern recognition system and the revelations that stem from perceiving experiential structure and their relationships naturally (pre-socialized), the related neuroses and their unconsciously powered motivations, subside.

The Myth of Choice

The trap of all human decision making; either one has fostered an attitude of an engaged and aware pragmatism gifting their view with sufficient perspective to provide an applicable context which can then contribute to mutually beneficial decision making; or one allows themselves to be pinned down ideologically binding their view from the form, structure and relations of the salient points that must be considered in order to discern and formulate the best choices from the noise and clatter that today inundates us all. 

Unfortunately the latter attitude reigns supreme and without question today.

Growth ala Ernest Becker

“We can understand, then, that growth, the getting over ones implanted formative neurosis, is not a matter of simple reflection about his early family life, or even bringing to consciousness some of the most distasteful events of his childhood, or least of all a hard, rational scrutiny of ones motives.

It is, as the Stoics and Shakespeare have already taught us, is the going through hell of a lonely and racking rebirth where one throws off the lendings of culture, the costumes that fit us for life’s roles, the masks and panoplies of our standardized heroisms, to stand alone and nude facing the howling elements as oneself-a trembling animal element.”

-Ernest Becker