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Oue Enfeeblement

A revelation I’ve heard recently from the comedic genius Jerry Seinfeld lately, the baby boomers were the first generation that grew up with an actually protected childhood. Since then we’ve all become a tad more enfeebled until we’ve inadvertently birthed our most enfeebled generation, the millennials and the snowflakes that they’ve they produced. It’s kinda hard to imagine these types to be adaptable to valuable culture.

We have Trump because we are Trump

The egos need “to be right over others”, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary (egos repel an open and dynamic contextual awareness and understanding in favor of the polarizing emotions that are embedded in adopted and conforming ideologies), is the major stumbling block to all human social problems and is best illustrated by our increasing inundation of “ego based” Reality TV Shows and most “perfectly” actualized in the ineffectual rantings of the perfectionism (a most common trap of the ego) of “The Donald”!

As a result of the effects on we humans by our social conformity, identity culture and an ever emerging inability to respond with a sufficient level of understanding, we no longer understand the basic form, function and relations of things within or without, and have unwittingly sacrificed our ability to discern intuitively in the moment (naturally pragmatic) for the barrenness of ideological judgment, group think, addiction, distraction, unawareness and routine. 

Socially accepted generalizations and effortless “participation trophy” thinking, intended to make everyone artificially feel powerful, has propelled us into the perfect place for Artificial Intelligence, and other “convenience technologies” to take over our thinking and life management for us. 

We have Trump because we are Trump


“Maturity, when you discover no static ideology works.”-Gump

“The sacrifice of understanding for certainty seems a wise one to the many; temptation.”


When do you suppose that you’ll stop punishing those who see more than you can see and stop worshiping those who can barely see themselves?


If ones happiness or mood is contingent upon any expectations that will be gratified as the result of some effort or action performed on their part, one will always be disappointed and surprised. The most common reaction to this attitude is to snip off those parts of the experience that do not fit into oned preconceived ideas, creating for oneself a nice box to live in.

If ones happiness is based upon what they actually experience as a result of taking a volitional risk that they feel will benefit their soul, then no matter what happens they will be surprised and excited in some new way, thus revealing ones next edifying move in life. 

The way we all choose to attend our experiences is up to us, although to attend our experiences in a way that actually relates feelings directly to our actions in an intuitive and affirming way that reinforces right behavior and action, requires much meditative and aware engagement.

William Blake: ” There is no Natural Religion” paraphrase

If it were not for the prophetic, the poetic, the metaphoric; the philosophic, the scientific, and the countable could only be represented through the restricted lens of an intensional evaluation apparatus.

That which we already “know” being regurgitated and abstracted over and over again, and that which cannot be easily processed, cast off forever into the realms of the unknowable.

In this way we unwittingly sacrifice our own depth, our content, our vision, the context required to interrelate and see the whole of experience in the present, as we experience it. 

Our vision, no longer broad, must necessarily be contrived, adapted or adopted from without (or reconstructed from the small decontextualized view within us) as we can no longer trust, value nor fully utilize our own natural internal processes of evaluation.

As a consequence, we now must content ourselves with a partial/false sense of certainty and security, to guide us, and depend upon going forward.

Our sacrifice carries with it, an inability to see and operate beyond the limits of that which we already know, thereby forcing the new and the unknowable out of our minds attentional awareness and into the realms of the unknowable, “the magical”, something now to be feared and deferred to. 

Consequently our unconscious realms inflate and grow chaotically, as our awareness and attention becomes fixated upon our “need” for the security that our world now must provide us, and though we may cling to any number of confirming ideologies in an attempt to bolster our spirit, we must now wither spiritually.

The Master and His Emissary, my Take

The Left Cerebral Hemisphere (LH, the language dominant hemisphere), can be viewed as a child that mimics the roles it is assigned, or through its sharply focused observations, is drawn into itself, but on its own, continually lacks the required affective attentional access to the Right Hemisphere’s (RH) primary processes of experience (way of ‘Being’); which are essentially concerned with ‘Care’, is nonverbal, instinctual, socially reinforcing, relationally aware, empathic, sensually rich and highly integrated spatial-temporal imagistic and intuitive perceptions; producing highly contextualized knowledge, memories, evaluation and insights.  

Thus ‘presenting’ to the mind an immediate and holistic understanding of wherever it places its attention, nonverbally, and without the requirement of decontextualizing analytical thought, providing the individual human being with ‘values’ grounded in reality and a practical and meaningful apprehension of the whole.

The LH processes the information gleaned from its highly focused window of attention (like a microscope or telescope) recursively, and is essentially concerned with the usefulness of things, ‘Utility’, habituates the thoughts and behaviors required to implement the global demands of one’s ‘total being’, as apprehended and processed by the RH, in its primary processes of discerning the salient and cohesively interrelational aspects of ‘being’.

The RH subsequently depending upon the LH to implement the behaviors required (forming neurologically hard-wired circuits) for the automated volitional acts it deems consistent with its ‘being’ and its relationships as a whole to everything it is aware of, allows the RH to extend its attentional processes onto an ever-expanding and interrelated world of ‘care’; relationships, value and meaning, as they relate to ones ‘being’.

The Attentional Awareness required to ‘see’ objects and reality as they actually are, a fundamentally interconnected interplay of an untold number of dynamically emergent processes, all necessarily related to and dependent upon each other for existence and expression, continually changing and transforming into and out of multitudinous re-configurations, requires the capacity to intuitively recognize patterns of experience from a whole interconnected view first and foremost, in the processing of experience in the RH.

One’s orientation with reality must be natural and actually ‘present’, not only ‘re-presented’ to the RH by the LH, the actual image of the whole must be considered first, before any experience can be ‘re-presented’ by the narrowly focused attentional processes of the LH.

The information that the LH ‘unfolds’, and subsequently presents to the RH, in this way, can be accurately placed in the context of the whole, allowing for the largely automatic and effective perspectival evaluation of experience, extensionally broadening the minds global view and improving the individual’s ability to recognize, and extend, similar and new experiences going forward. This then is the natural process of psycho-logical human growth, as predetermined by the processes and functioning of our currently evolved human neurological processes.

According to the eminent neuropsychiatrist and Oxford Fellow, Iain Mcgilchrist, the primacy of the right hemisphere, a requirement of the processes of our nervous systems structural functional configuration, has recently been, from a cultural perspective, effectively sacrificed, in deference to the narrow wants and fascinations that the child, now believing it is the master and ‘seer’ of the whole, clings to for its own power and a contrived appearance of certainty, control and survival, as the LH’s primary function in isolation from the RH, is to procure its own power and to utilize the objects of its environment to maintain such power.